The Hooded One was the main antagonist in the Bone series. Her real name was Briar Harvestar.

Early Life and First Death[]

Briar was born to the Royal House of Harvestar, she was older than her sister, Rose (Grandma Ben). She had been in constant contact with the Lord of the Locusts, who knew she was a Veni-Yan-Cari. She lied to her family and to the members of the Veni-Yan order that her Dreaming Eye was blind. Briar despised her sister because she felt her sister was loved more than she was. The Locust saw this and he used Briar.

When Balsaad, a rogue Dragon was attacking the Northern Valley, Rose (Grandma Ben) set out to destroy him even though it was she who unwittingly unleashed him. Briar pretended to be innocent, but when the Locust was seducing Rose to take possession of her Dreaming Eye, Briar revealed her true colors because she was angry at the Locust, and when Rose fought off the Locust and woke up, Briar had become an old crone as punishment.

Rose was then crowned heir apparent and those events fueled Briar's jealousy and those same events led to the Second Great War which almost annihilated the Royal House of Harvestar.

The Great War and First Death[]

During the Nights of Lightning, Lucius Down told Briar to lead Thorn, Queen Lunaria and Thorn's Father to Grandma Ben who was waiting near Deren Gard to escort them to the The Great Red Dragon. They met up with Grandma Ben and they journeyed onwards. Briar showed a hidden signal and the rat creatures attacked, when Lunaria discovered Briar wanted to use Thorn for the ritual to free the Locust, Thorn's Father cut Briar in half from her torso with an abandoned farm scythe. Lunaria and Thorn's Father were then eaten alive by Kingdok. Meanwhile, Thorn and Grandma Ben had escaped to Deren Gard.

Fighting For The Locust and Second Death[]

Fifteen years after Briar was killed, she was resurrected by the Locust to continue his bidding. This then marked the beginning of the Bone series. At the end of the series, Briar was then killed once and for all by the Crown of Horns.

Personality and Appearance[]

She resemebles the Grim Reaper, although the two are completely unrelated.