A Rat Creature Attacking Fone Bone

Rat Creatures are horrible predators that have The Gift Of Speech. Their Leader Was Kingdok. Rat creature society used to be run like that of a naked mole rats society,with the leader a queen, larger than the other rat creatures and king, which usualy appears in various forms and is gigantic. Though tails are extremly important to rat creatures, as the queen quotes-" you can tell a lot about a rat creature by their tail" but because Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone, and Fone Bone's ancestor used their tails against them (He used them to swing the rat Creatures), the queen ordered all rat creatures to have their tails docked by the age of 3 to 5. This history is probably either destroyed, forgotten, or rembered by few if at all, because now the story is that a rat creature will be dragged away by a monster by it's tail, though most likely, rat creatures probably just tell this to rat creature pups so they'll let their tails get docked. It has always been tradition that they crop their ears, but the reason for this is unknown. Today, the traditions are kept and the king only rules as far as we know. The 2 unnamed rat creatures from the original BONE series, are now the main characters in the new book series and most likly part of the good guys now, though this is unknown. They might also finally get names. Bartleby is the only rat creature so far to have his ears uncropped because he ran away at the early age.