Mim was the mother of The Great Red Dragon and also the leader and queen of all the dragons. She kept her tail in her mouth to bring balance to The Dreaming.

Early Life[]

In the beginning of time, Mim was the keeper of all who dreamed, and she was the ruler of Dragons. She kept the balance of the Dreaming, by encircling the Earth and holding her tail in her mouth. She watched all living creatures with care and the world prospered.

The Lord of The Locusts[]

When the Lord of The Locusts became unhappy he singled out Mim. He drove into her head driving her mad making her destroy everything in her path. The dragons were forced to burn her and make the mountain range that now forms the valley that Thorn lives in. The Lord of The Locusts later possessed the soul of Mim and attacked the valley. The dragons defeated her by engulfing her, and burying her once again.