Lucius Down runs a bar in Barrelhaven. He shows a distinctive distaste for Phoney Bone. He dies in the Crown Of Horns Book, when the power of the Crown of Horns unwittingly killed him and Briar (The Hooded One).

Early Life[]

Lucius Down was the Captain of the Palace Guard, in Atheia. He was the loyal guardian to Rose (Grandma Ben) and Briar Harvestar (The Hooded One). He was caught between them and he made some wrong decisions. Rose truly loved him, but Briar wanted to make Rose jealous and she dated Lucius. He was fooled by Briar and left Rose lonely. Many years later, during the Nights of Lightning, he instructed Briar to lead Lunaria, Thorn's Father, and Thorn to Grandma Ben. Little did he know that very same night, the Royal House of Harvestar had almost been obliterated and Thorn was sent to Deren Gard. When he heard the news, he never forgave himself. He left Atheia, and set out to the Northern Valley, to start a new life. But he would still have to eventually, and finally choose between Rose Harvestar or Briar Harvestar.......