Kingdok is the cheiftan of the Rat Creatures. His first appearance is in Out from Boneville, where he takes the two stupid rat creatures to the hooded one/briar. he next appears in Eyes of the Storm, where he discovers the runaway rat creatures, and surprisingly rewards them with a sack full of skinned rabbits. he later attempts to inform briar of Thorn's identity (she is the crown princess of the valley), only to be admosihed for given briar information she already knows (she is Thorn's aunt). in The Dragonslayer, Kingdok attacks Thorn, Fone Bone, and Grandma Ben in the Valley forest. he brutally flings Granma ben from tree to tree, but as he prepares to deliver the final blow, Thorn slices off the arm holding his club with her grandma's sword. in a haze of pain, he sees Thorn in her dream princess gown, and Grandma ben as her youngers self. at this, he murmurs; "Earth and Sky". he then lets out a deafening scream, then retreats into the darkness. he laters faints from loss of blood, and is treated then abandoned by the two stupid rat creatures. he appears to chase the bones and the rat creatures in the fifth volume, but it turns out to be a hallucination induced by the locusts. he appears for real later on, and scares of rock jaw in front of his followers. Rock Jaw later viscously attacks the huge rat Creature, and rips out his tongue off screen. his beaten body is carried away by the rat creatures. in the sixth volume, it becomes apparent that Kingdok and Rockjaw now share a mutual hatred for eachother, following the past events. Briar only just manages to stop a fight between them. later, kingdok is furious when it turns out that Briar was wrong about 'the one who bears the star'. he is stopped from attacking Grandma ben, Thorn, and the Bone cousins by an exploding mountain. he is buried alive and forced to travel through the many underground passages for some time. his final appearance is when he confronts Thorn in the chamber of thorns. after failing to entice her to kill him, (he feels like he is now a puppwt with no will of his own) despite revealing that he ate Thorn's mother alive, he bites her leg, forcing Thorn to stab him in the eye, killing him.

Kingdok has purple fur with red eyes, very large for his species, and carries a golden club until his arm is sliced off. he loses his tongue to rockjaw, rendering him incapable of speech, (a continuity error is that he later speeks clearly later on), and is later severely scarred by the volcano.